BHS Statistics

August 19, 1999

Quickie Questions

  1. What is a statistical pattern?
  2. How does a statistical pattern differ from a regular pattern?
  3. Jamie surveyed 10 randomly-selected groups of 5 students at BHS, asking them to rank all their favorite singing groups. The Backstreet Boys were ranked at least third in 6 of the 10 groups. In writing her report, she stated, "This suggests that the Backstreet Boys will be ranked at least third around sixth-tenths of the time." What does she mean by "six-tenths of the time?"
  4. Here is a blank screen from ProbSim, the computer program that we use to generate randomly-selected samples from a population. Fill in the information it will need in order to generate 20 random samples, each of size 10, from a huge population of zebras, 2/3 of which are female and 1/3 of which are male .