Investigations (again)

Use Prob/Sim to investigate these situations. Use the blank screens as worksheets as you think through all the decisions and assumptions you need to make in order to have ProbSim simulate the situation accurately.

Problem 1.

In all poker-like card games, the "most unusual" hand is the winner (i.e., the hand least likely to occur over the long run).

Horace, Hillary and friends were playing cards -- "guts". Guts is a game where people are dealt 3 cards each, and when the dealer says "1, 2, 3, drop." People thinking their hands aren't good enough to win drop. All the people thinking they have a good enough hand will keep their cards.

Horace and Hillary remembered that, in 5-card poker, a flush (all cards the same suit) beats three of a kind (three cards the same face value). But they didn't know if that should be the case in 3-card poker.

Use Prob/Sim to resolve this question.

Problem 2.

The Gallup company surveyed 20 past graduates of Metro Tech, asking them to if they were satisfied with the education that Metro gave them. Only 61% of the graduates said they were very satisfied. However, the administration claims that over 80% of all past graduates are very satisfied

How unusual would a result like this be if, as MT administration claims, 80% of all graduates are very satisfied with their Metro education?

Problem 3.

The Gallup company asked 21 adults, selected at random, whether they attended church or synagogue during the past week. Fifty percent said they had. The Harris company performed an identical survey. In their survey, only 33% responded "yes".

Use ProbSim to investigate whether the two polls contradict one another.