September 2, 1999

Homework Policy

  1. We are serious about homework. When Mr. Trudell, I, or Mr. Saldanha assign homework we expect you to do it with the intention of handing it in. If we do not ask for it, you will still have put serious thought into the assignment and you will benefit from having done that.
  2. I gave you my email address, my cell phone number, and my home phone number. "Not knowing what to do" is not an excuse!
  3. If you find an assignment to be especially difficult, do the best you can. Handing in nothing is a 0. Handing in an honest attempt is at least 50%.
  4. The root word of "homework" is "home". So, once you walk in the door, NO MORE WORKING ON YOUR HOMEWORK. We often will discuss the homework before you hand it in. You may write notes on your homework in an red pencil or red ink. But you may not change your homework. If this becomes a problem we will simply collect your homework immediately, at the beginning of class.

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