BH Statistics

September 7, 1999

Plan for the day (or two)

  1. Review Quickie Quiz questions. Point out that, for the most part, the missed the point that the question was about how to decide that one collection of samples was more or less accurate than another collection of samples. (Here, I am equating a collection of samples with a sampling procedure. This is a subtle point.)
  2. Make sure we have their parents' phone numbers. I and Mr. Trudell want to make sure they know about the upcoming open house (September 13). I'm even leaving a conference in Atlanta a day early to be at the open house.
  3. Discuss homework.
    1. Commend Ayako for calling from a pay phone while out doing something else to clarify the assignment.
    2. Pass out page from web site.
    3. Stress that this is about variability amongst samples of a given size. Ask "What is varying?" when we say this. (IMPORTANT)
    4. Ask, "How does this quantify variability?" That is, how does this method allow us to say "this collection of samples is (roughly) more, or less, variable than another"?
  4. Variability amongst samples of different sizes
    1. Go through first few cells of table. Have them work together in class.
    2. Complete the table as homework. Ask them if they have questions about the question.