BH Statistics

October 22, 1999

Places Rating Data
  1. (For Monday.) Look for interesting relationships between or among variables.
    1. Report at least two of these relationships. Be sure you explain the variables that are related and what the relationship tells you about them. The more creative, inventive, or surprising your "finding", the higher your grade!
  2. (For Tuesday). Discuss how you might use this information to rank cities as "most desirable to live in". The idea will be to come up with a way to select "America’s Best City."

Don’t just focus on coming up with a weighted score. Consider problems with the way you come up with it. For example, some variables have values that are a lot bigger than values of other variables. Would it make sense to simply add their values if we wanted both variables to count equally in the ratings?

Come to class with 9 copies of your suggestion for how to weight cities' scores on each variable. Be prepared to discuss it, perhaps revise it, or perhaps combine it with other sugestions.