Course Project

You will


You will locate at least five articles or book chapters pertinent to your project. Good sources to find articles (and many other things) are the NCTM's e-resources and the Math Forum at Drexel University.

Prepare a summary of at least one double-spaced printed page for each article that you consider. Explain in what way the article influenced your project. Give me a the URL to each article, or a copy if it is not online.


Design an assessment instrument (test or activity) to determine what your student learned. Advice: Begin this early, and invest a lot of thought. Drafting your assessment while designing your activities will actually help you to produce better and more focused activities.


The activities and/or problems you prepare may be a modification of an assignment you did in this class, they may be of your own design, or they may be adaptations of other materials. In any case, cite original sources if you used ideas from them. Also, the activities you actually use must show evidence of your creativity.

Finally, your activities should reflect a conceptual orientation. This means that you will focus on having students make intelligent choices and important connections in thinking about the activities and questions you've designed.


Prepare a word-processed, double-spaced report of your project. Submit your project electronically.

Your report should have these section headings:

I.                The idea I intend to teach and for the student to understand.

Describe your topic and the learning goals for this unit. When describing learning goals, do NOT say what students will be able to do. Instead, describe important understandings and ways of thinking that you hope students will develop. Explain how your assessment instrument taps the understanding you want your student to have.

II.             The intended activities and/or problems, and my plan for using them.

Discuss significant features of eacb planned session, how they relate to what you want your student to learn, and important actions on your part in getting your student to work productively. Don't just say what you will have your student do. Rather, say also what you hope your student will understand at the end of the session.

IV.        Pertinent literature

Put articles and summaries here.

VI.        What I learned

A statement about what you learned by doing this project. Use these four subsection headings:

a.              What I learned about my topic by designing lessons to help students learn ideas coherently.

c.             What I learned about teaching.

c.             What I learned about using a computer in teaching.

You may add other subsections as you feel appropriate.


Prepare a 20-minute presentation of your project. Bring enough copies of a handout containing parts I-III of your report to give one copy to everyone present. Then give an oral presentation of parts V and VI. Prepare transparencies or other visual aids as appropriate for your presentation.

Project Evaluation

Learning Goals/Assessment ............ 20 points
Activities/Problems (creativity, etc.) ............ 30 points
What you learned ............ 25 points
Articles and summaries ............ 15 points
Presentation ............ 10 points