Special Issue of a Journal

You will engage in a final project to gain an even greater control of the literature on research in mathematics education.

Research journals often publish a single issue devoted to one theme (e.g., research on equity and diversity in mathematics classrooms) or on work produced by one research team (e.g., the May 2018 issue of Journal of Mathematical Behavior on the work of Marty Simon's Learning from Activity research project).

You will design a Special Issue on Research in Mathematics Education containing 5 articles on a specific theme in mathematics education. This entails selecting articles to be included (not limited to the course reading list), summarizing each article, and writing a preface that ties the articles together and frames the collection for readers. The special issue's theme will be your choice.

A preface introducing a special issue's theme provides an overview of the issue's articles and how they relate to one another. So, in addition to selecting articles to be included you will write a preface that

Finally, upload to your project page a list of articles you considered for your special issue but did not include. For each article, say briefly why you decided not to include it in your special issue.

Upload these items to your project page, with these names, where "FML" stands for your first, middle, and last initial:

How to Find Potential Articles

Be sure to follow these guidelines for writing well.