List of Important Constructs

Add to this list. It will serve as a reminder of constructs authors have shared with you and which you should know their precise meaning.

Posted at Nov 01/2018 07:06AM by Stu 1:
Covariational reasoning: mental activities involved in coordinating two varying quantities while being aware of the ways in which the quantities change in relation to each other.

Posted at Nov 01/2018 07:24AM by Stu 1:
Motion: A conceived objects varying positions at different points in time relative to an original position.

Quantity: A conceptual entity, composed of an object, an attribute of the object, a unit or dimension that can be used to measure the attribute of the object, and a process by which to assign a numerical value to the quantity. *Quantities exist in people's conceptions of situations.

Quantification: process of assigning numerical values (measures) to a quantity in order to convey how much of it there is.

Quantitative Structure: A network of quantities and the relationships among these quantities.

Quantitative reasoning: analyzing a problem/situation in terms of the quantities involved in the situation and the relationships among these quantities.

Image of a problem's context: How a student imagines a situation being described in a problem.

Calculations orientation:A focus and language of procedures, numbers, and operations.

Conceptual orientation: A focus on the rich network of connections among situations, ideas, and relationships between ideas.

Posted at Nov 01/2018 08:36AM by Stu 9:
Difference-a quantity constituted by an additive comparison of two quantities. Comparing two quantities with the intent to find the excess of one against the other is a quantitative operation.

Ratio-a comparison of two quantities multiplicatively.

Rate-mentally reflectively abstracted constant ratio in the context of a problem.