Data Files used in the BHStat Project

Data are stored in this site in two formats: text (.text) and Data Desk (.dsk).

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Body Fat Data (for take-home)

Many of these data files are courtesy of an NSF funded project directed by Paul Cobb, Koeno Gravemeijer, and Kay McClain.

Text Data Files
Data Desk Import Files

Age vs Accidents.text

Age vs Accidents.dat

Age vs DUI Arrests.text

Age vs DUI Arrests.dat

Anxiety vs Test Scores.text

Anxiety vs Test Scores.dat

DUI by State & Age.text

DUI by State.dat

Education vs Salary M20.text

Education vs Salary M20.dat

Education vs Salary M50.text

Education vs Salary M50.dat

Education vs Salary W10.text

Education vs Salary W10.dat

Education vs Salary W20.text

Education vs Salary W20.dat

Education vs Salary W50.text

Education vs Salary W50.dat

Energy Consumption vs time.text

Energy Consumption vs time.dat

Reaction Times 0,1,2 - 50.text

Reaction Times 0,1,2 - 50.dat

Reaction Times 0,2 - 100.text

Reaction Times 0,2 - 100.dat

Reaction Times 0,2 - 50.text

Reaction Times 0,2 - 50.dat

Reaction Times 0-9.text

Reaction Times 0-9.dat

SAT vs Drop rate.text

SAT vs Drop rate.dat

Speed reading G1.text

Speed reading G1.dat

Speed reading G2.text

Speed reading G2.dat

Yrs vs CO2 58-78.text

Yrs vs CO2 58-78.dat

Yrs vs CO2 58-97.text

Yrs vs CO2 58-97.dat

Other data files:

Data Desk Data Files

Data Desk Import Files

 College Ranking Data (courtesy US News)

Colleges - All.dsk
Colleges 1-230.dsk
Colleges 1-50.dsk
Colleges 50-150.dsk   

 College Ranking Data (courtesy US News)

Colleges 1-230.text
Def. of Colleges 1-230 Variables

Colleges - All.text
Def. of CollegesAll Variables

Colleges 1-50.dat
Colleges 50-150.dat

Places Rating (courtesy ????)

Places Rating.dsk

Places Rating (courtesy ????)

Places Rating.dat

Age, height, etc.

Age vs Height.dsk

Age, height, etc.

Age vs Height.dat

Weather (courtesy ??)

Weather Forecaster Data.dsk  

Weather (courtesy ??)

Weather Forecaster Data.dat

Body fat (courtesy ??)

Body Fat.dsk  

Body fat (courtesy ??)

Body Fat.dat

Cereal (courtesy ??)

Cereal Data.dsk  

Cereal (courtesy ??)

Cereal Data.dat


Favorite Musicians.dsk  


Favorite Musicians.dat