Phase 4

Chance and Probability

These links are to pages that were developed for students in the BHS Conceptual Statistics project as they participated in instruction. Students used them in the context of ongoing instruction, classroom discussions, readings from textbooks, and (on occasion) with activities with Data Description's ActivStats CD. As such, the connections among assignments or activities may not always be evident to persons not involved in instruction. (NB: This is not to claim that connections among assignments or activities were evident to persons who were involved in instruction!)

Notes for 2/14/00 Introduction to Phase 4 (Chance and measures of it)
Notes for 2/15/00 Probabilistic situations
Notes for 2/16/00 Use ActivStats
Notes for 2/17/00 Long term behavior and probability (and homework on it)
Notes for 2/22/00 Discuss Rodney King scenario as a situation that makes sense as a probabilisitc situation; homework on this topic.
Notes for 2/24/00 Population proportions and probability (and homework on it)
Notes for 2/28/00 Images of sample space
Notes for 2/29/00 Quickie questions
Notes for 3/01/00 Mini project
Notes for 3/06/00  
Notes for 3/07/00  
Notes for 3/09/00 Accuracy rate
Notes for 3/13/00 Probabilistic situations (followed up by a conversation with one student)
Notes for 3/14/00 Accuracy rate revisited
Notes for 3/15/00 Accuracy rate continued
Notes for 3/16/00 Probabilistic situations (revisited)
(Lost days due to tragedy)  
Notes for 3/27/00 Probability formulas
Notes for 3/30/00 Expected value
Notes for 3/31/00 Expected value

Probability test (4/6/00)