Phase 2 Lesson Links

These links are to pages that were developed for students in the BHS Conceptual Statistics project as they participated in instruction. Students used them in the context of ongoing instruction, classroom discussions, readings from textbooks, and (on occasion) with activities with Data Description's ActivStats CD. As such, the connections among assignments or activities may not always be evident to persons not involved in instruction. (NB: This is not to claim that connections among assignments or activities were evident to persons who were involved in instruction!)


 Notes for 8/17/99

Sampling Activity

Assignment for 8/18/99

 Notes for 8/18/99

Followup to Sampling Activity


 Notes for 8/19/99

Quickie Questions


 Notes for 8/20/99

Simulating with ProbSim

Investigating "unusualness"

Assignment for 8/23/99

 Notes for 8/23/99

Discuss Investigating "unusualness" activity from 8/20

More investigations

Finish More Investigations

 Notes for 8/26/99

Solutions to 8/23/99 Homework


 Notes for 8/27/99

Evaluation 1

Have a great weekend!

 Notes for 8/30/99

Review of ideas so far

Investigating variation among samples

Complete the tables in the variation among samples worksheet

 Notes for 8/31/99

Review homework -- look at relationships between sample size and variation among samples

Write an essay that is based on lots of samples drawn from the Favorite Musicians questionnaires

 Notes for 9/1/99

Review homework

Introduction to histograms as a way to depict variation

Construct a histogram

 Notes for 9/2/99

Homework policy

Review homework

Interpreting histograms

Interpret Histograms

Notes for 9/3/99

Review Homework

Quickie Questions 2

Discussion of ways to quantify variability

Quantifying variability amongst samples

Notes for 9/7/99

Discuss Quickie Questions 2

Discuss how to complete homework.

What can we infer from it?

Comparing variability of samples of different sizes

Finish different-sized samples variability table

Notes for 9/9/99

Collect homework due 9/7

Presentation that builds on assignment made 9/7

Complete Slide 14 and Slide 15 from presentation

 Notes for 9/10/99

Drawing conclusions about populations base on the results of one sample

 Bradley vs Gore in NH

Notes for 9/14/99

Review for Test



Test 2